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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mailbox Mania and Mall Madness!

Tonight was such an incredibly fun night!!  Not only did Cutie Husband and I go to the mall to redeem my free Victoria's Secret underwear coupon and my buy any item receive a free specified other item from Bath and Body Works, but when we got home to check the mail, our mailbox was crammed!

We spent the first part of the night making our way through the crowded mall - geez that place had teenagers coming out the freaking windows!).  After a fun time eating out at Olive Garden to celebrate Cutie Husband passing a really crazy test that will help him be eligible to promote at his job, we went home.  I persuaded Cuthie Husband to check the mail (yay!) and it was just packed full of goodies!  As he was walking back to the car, a pink parcel caught my eye, and I was already excited!!  I practically pounced on him when he got back in the car!

So here is what we scored tonight!!

 First check from Pinecone Research!!  Anyone who has doubts, doubt no longer!!  It might be small, but this was my first month and I signed up at the end of the month.  If you EVER have the chance to sign up for this company (and I'll try to jump on the link for the sign-up page when it comes available) do it without hesitation!!  It's amazing!  I literally spent 10 minutes on a survey.  Nice!

Birds Eye coupons, great deal!  We try to eat veggies whenever we can with dinner since fruit goes bad so quickly.  Gotta get the healthy wherever ya can!


A little Kashi anyone?


Poise products and coupons... Yeah, I don't need em, so what?!  :]

 Finally, my mall madness.  Free underwear, bought the hand sanitizer for $1.50 because I will actually use it, and got the verbena lime coconut body spray FREE with my coupon!

Absolutely a great night, and had such lovely conversation with Cutie Husband at dinner.

Now this is long overdue.  I just looked at my receipt and realized the shopping day for this was last Sunday...  I didn't exactly know how to post all this, so I put it off.  Here was my Sunday Vons trip!

What I got:

Two crowns of broccoli
Two sticks of cream cheese
One can of chicken brother

General Shopping:

Whipped cream cheese
Two V-8 fusion
Two Right Guard deoderant
One tub of Folger's
One tub of Nesquik
5 boxes of macaroni and cheese (MEGA DEAL)
One box of fruit crisps (they didn't take my coupon because it printed badly, but they looked so good!  
        Splurge item!)
One 48 oz. bag of macaroni noodles
Two boxes of penne
Two boxes of Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats
One box of Blueberry Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats
One liter of Pepsi

Coupons we used:
We had a coupon for the Right Guard making them $.50 each
We had a coupon for the V-8 making them $1.50 each
The Pepsi was a special-spend-$10-pay-$.49-cents-for-this-item
The macaroni and cheese was on sale for $.50 a box, and we used our $1/5 coupon, making each box $.30
We had a coupon for the frosted mini wheats making those around $1.50 each

Total at register: $65.99
Total paid out of pocket: $45.33
Total savings: $20.66
This wasn't necessarily our best shopping trip ever, but we got a lot of things we needed!  The Folger's and Nesquik we didn't have coupons for, and those alone cost around $15.  I'm still working on getting the best deals at the grocery store, however if I'm able to do more of the basics shopping at Walgreen's so cheap, my grocery store prices will only go down and down!

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