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Better a little with the fear of the Lord than great wealth with turmoil.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free E.L.F. Manicure Set!!

 Register to receive e-mails from Warner, and receive your free E.L.F. manicure set!  I couldn't really verify the website, but since I use a junk e-mail account for those things, who cares?
Register at your own risk, however.
If it consoles you at all, I would sign up for this one.
While I was trying to sign up, the form was having a glitch, so try to get it to work!
Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

Yesterday's Target Deals & Mailbox Madness

As you may have read in my post here, I have started e-mailing some companies for coupons and promotional offers.
Well yesterday I got this coupon booklet in my mail with high value coupons!


Some of the coupons are good for Windex products and other brands as well.
Yesterday at Target, I pieced together a great deal!  I originally went in search of Crest White Strips, but they were absolutely not on sale at my store, so I refrained.  I did however find a great deal!

Here's how we did:

Venus Razor: $4.99
We used: $2/1 coupon
Final price: $2.99

Olay Body Wash:   $5.50
We used: Buy one Venus razor, get one Olay body wash FREE
Final price:  FREE  

Glade Oil Candle:  $2.99
Clearance price:  $2.54
We used:  $2/1 coupon
Final price:  $.54 
Total at register: $13.02
Total paid out of pocket: $3.52
Total savings: $9.50/73%

New Multiple Bag Grip!

You can go to Cleveland Clinic right now to receive your free multiple bag grip!!  If you read our blog regularly to any degree, you likely know that Cutie Husband and I live in an apartment.  

Now, living in an apartment means sort of by default that our front door is at least a hundred (large) paces away from the parking lot.  Grocery trips are excruciating, especially in those cold winter months!  

Who wants to make more than one trip?
We are so excited to receive our grip!  I've wanted one of these.. uhmmmm... since I got married and moved in 
 with Cutie Husband!
Can't wait for it to show up!

Thanks, Deal Finding Chik!

Couponing is a Hobby

Cutie Husband and I were talking just now while I was perusing my sites to check for deals I'd like to pick up at the store today.  He started to say how Sunday is the big day for couponing because the ads come out.  

I said, "Well, Sunday afternoon is probably more like the big time for it, because that's after a lot of us have shopped."  

He furthered his statement by saying, "Sunday afternoon is like your Friday Night Magic (Magic the Gathering, a card game he loves, if you couldn't tell by how many cards are always tacked on to our Target bill!!)."

It really is funny how couponing isn't just saving money.  I love couponing.  I love seeing my totals go down, I love chatting with fellow couponers, I feel like I have friends in all the blogs I read, and I hope you guys feel like you have a friend in reading my blog!
So if you score any amazing deals today, I'd absolutely love to hear about them in my comments!
Enjoy your Sunday, and enjoy your couponing!

Vons Deals 2/28

Cutie Husband and I run through SOOOO much spaghetti sauce.  Half of our food is Italian, and the other half I can usually find some way to work Prego into the mix!  We're looking forward to trying to score this deal!
Prego Pasta Sauce- $1.50
Limit 4
Use various coupons from 2/7 SS
Final Price= as low as .50 each depending on variety
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste- $1.49 **Great Donation Item 
Use $1.00 off HERE
Final Price= .49

Thanks, Save at Home Mommy!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Walgreens March Coupon Book

Here were some deals I have my eye on, just gotta hope they coincide with some other good coupons!

$1 off Act Mouthwash
$1 off Lindt Chocolate Bunny or Lindor or Truffles
$1 off Little Tikes Baby Accessories
$.50 off Glade Relaxing Moments Spray
$2 off Glade Sense and Spray, or Fragrance Collection Reed Diffuser or Wick Candle
$1/2 Wrigley’s Eclipse 12pk or Orbit 14 pk
$1/2 Hershey Bar 4-4.5oz
$1/2 Lifesaver Jelly beans, Bunnies and Eggs Gummies, Hubba Bubba Cluckers or Starburst Jelly beans
$1/2 M&Ms
$1/2 Nestle Nest Eggs or Butterfinger or Crunch
$1.50 off Motrin PM, Simply Sleep or Tylenol PM
$1/2 Easter Hershey’s, Reeses or Cadbury candies 8-8.8 oz
$1 off W Photo Waterproof camera

To see the full list, visit For The Mommas!

Bounce Sample

Get a free sample of Bounce 4-in-1 from Sam's Club.  This one you don't have to be a member for!!  At first, I thought you might, but just leave the membership number blank, and receive your free sample in 4-6 weeks!
Thanks, For The Mommas!

Walgreens Trip Savings

On Thursday, I went to Walgreens and was able to get Excedrin Tension Headache for $.22 with my free product coupon!  It was originally $4.79, but was on sale so with my coupon, all I had to pay was tax.

Celtic Tunes for Free

This one's for Cutie Brother and Cutie Sister.  They both love Celtic music, so if you go here, you can get 10 free Celtic songs.
Thanks, Frugal Girls!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cheerios Coupons

Over $11.50 in Cheerios coupons.

Thanks, SwagGrabber!

Reach Coupon

There's a new printable coupon for $1/1 Reach toothbrush or floss product.

Passion for Savings has some great ideas about how to use this coupon at Walmart or Walgreen's in the coming weeks to get free products!

Thanks, Coupon Dad!

Quiznos Coupons

Quiznos is pretty pricey, so I usually try to avoid it.  For that much, I'd rather go eat at a fancy restaurant!  However, right now they have some pretty decent coupons out, valid until March 7th.
You can get $1.00 off a regular sub, $2.00 off a large sub with one coupon.
With the other, you can get a free chip and regular drink when you buy a sub or salad.
Thanks, Coupon Dad

Housekeeping side note:  You may or may not have noticed that I've been trying to remember to make all my pictures a link, so from now on, you should be able to just click the picture and have it take you directly to what I'm talking about.  If there are multiple links, however, typically you'll have to click those rather than the picture, ie most Target posts, lists of coupons, etcetera.
Enjoy those Quiznos sammies!

Free Package of Nabisco Cookies - Every Monday in March

Talk about March Madness!!!
Starting this March, every first Monday of the month, you can receive a free 

package of Nabisco cookies with the purchase of a 

gallon of milk.  Unfortunately for me, grocery day is 

Sunday, but it's still a great deal, especially because Cutie 

Husband and I go through about two gallons of milk per week!

So to check out the full details, click here.

In order to receive this freebie, you must be a fan of Nabisco on Facebook.

Enjoy the Monthly Freebie while it lasts!

Thanks, Good Deal Mama!

Cuties Coupons... The Brand, Not Me

How fitting to be posted here!  There are some new coupons for Cuties, $.55/1 3 lb. bag, $1/1 5 lb. box.
You an print them here.

 Thanks, Good Deal Mama!

$10.50 Worth of Arm & Hammer Coupons

Arm & Hammer is offering $10.50 worth of printable coupons.
Sounds like a good deal to me!  You never know when a coupon will turn into gold!
These expire on 3/27
Thanks, Spend Less and Save More

Target Coupons

There are some Target coupons available for printing right now, so print them now!

Crisco Coupons, Kashi Coupons, and More!

Save $.55/1 Crisco No Stick Cooking Spray
Save $1.00/1 Crisco Olive Oil
Save $1.00/1 Crisco Puritan Canola Oil
Save $1.50/2 Kashi TLC Bars

Thanks, For The Mommas

Free Peeled Snacks TODAY ONLY at Starbucks

You can get a sample of Peeled Snacks at Starbucks today, but according to For The Mommas, it's not a rush-out-and-get-it kind of deal.
If you're going anyways, it'll be a nice little treat!

O.B. Sample

Neat new sample from O.B. Tampons here.
Go check it out!!

Glade Printable Coupon!

So I was so enamored by the thought of getting Glade coupons (because I am a candle addict, I store them in my cupboards if I don't have room for them because there eventually will be room!) that I wound up taking the plunge and finally registering for Right@Home.  I just love all things Glade.

I've hear a lot about this website and all the great deals available to you once you've joined, but for some reason I hadn't formerly taken the time.

So here I am now, a new registeree!

Go here to get your own $2/1 coupon, and hang on to them until you can score these for FREE!

This coupon applies for soy candles and reed diffusers.  Enjoy!

Thanks, Thrifty and Chic Mom!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Requesting Coupons - Update

Here's the updated list.  If you don't already know, I've been requesting coupons and samples from companies.  These are the companies I've contacted so far, and some of them have gotten in touch with me already. - will send coupons! - will send coupons, but only once! - doesn't send coupons - will send coupons! - doesn't send out coupons or samples (P&G/Cheer) doesn't send out coupons or samples - told me they would send $20 worth of coupons!!  Can't wait! will send coupons! - will send coupons!

Target and the Missing Coupon

I was able to go to Target today and get my coupon honored for the $1.50 we missed last night, yay!  This is why we love Target!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Day, Good Deals

Overall today, we paid $18.27 for $49.05 worth or products.
Got a great freebie in the mail:

Dinner was pre-made on Monday, stuck in the fridge (along with three other trays that served for dinner on Monday and Tuesday!), so Cutie Husband and I just popped it in the oven, and it'll be great for lunch for Cutie Husband tomorrow, and there's even enough for Cutie Husband's sister and me to have dinner tomorrow during class!

On Monday, I had a box of jumbo shells sitting in the pantry, so I decided to spread my cheese mixture a little bit thinner, and was able to make about 65% more than normal!

Target Savings

So Cutie Husband and I went to Target, and had a few coupons in mind for use.  We ended up not using all of them because we forgot for some reason (long day!), and the cashier was in a bit of a grumpy mood, so she overlooked one of our coupons that we didn't notice until we left, but the savings were still great!
 Boy!  What a deal this was!  The Magic cards were a splurge for Cutie Husband, one of his hobbies.  Even with those and without one of our coupons, it was still pretty cheap!
So here's what we got:

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner:  Cost $12.99
We used:
$7.00 off printable coupon
Coupon for $5 gift card with purchase of this product
Final (technical) price: $.99

Two Gillette Body Washes:  $1.99 each, $3.98 total
We used:
$4/2 coupon
Final price:  FREE

Satin Care Shaving Cream:  $.99
We used:
$.55/1 coupon
Final price:  $.44

We bought the Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Cleaner, and we were going to use a coupon for $1.50/2 Scrubbing Bubbles products, but this was the coupon the cashier gave back to us.  Had we used that, instead of being $2.99, our foaming cleaner would have been $1.49.  We're going to take our receipt and coupon back another day and try to have them credit us.

Essentially, for the Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Cleaner, we paid $2.99, full price!  Ugh!

The Magic cards were $3.99 each for a total of $7.98

Our total at the register (we split the order in two to use our $5 gift card, so this is all inclusive for both orders) was:   $35.23
We paid, out of pocket:   $14.48 (if we'd been able to use our other coupon, we'd only have paid $12.98, and without the Magic cards, our total would have been $26.55, and our out of pocket expense would have been $5.80 without the extra $1.50 coupon, $4.30 WITH the coupon!  What a deal!)


Successful Shopping Trips! Double Feature!

WOW!  Today was a busy day!
A trip to Walgreens after work, a trip to Target with Cutie Husband, the savings were insanity!
Got a great freebie in the mail today, I'm doin' good!
So let's get to it...
This is what I bought at Walgreens:
Two Crest Toothpaste: $2.69 each, $5.38 total
I used two $.75/1 coupons from P&G
I used $1.50/1 from the Walgreen's coupon booklet (found near front of store)
Paid out of pocket: $.44 each for a grand total of $.88 paid

Two Ghirardeli Chocolate Bars (these were the splurge item!) $3.95 each, $7.90 total
These were on sale for 2 for $3
Used the Walgreen's coupon booklet for $1/2
Paid out of pocket:  $1 each for a grand total of $2.00 paid

Mentos Gum: $1.49
Sale price: $.99
I used a $.55 coupon from the Sunday ad (can't remember which ad it was from)
Paid out of pocket: $.44

Total at register: $13.82
Total paid out of pocket: $3.79
Total savings: $10.03

Vons/Safeway Coupon Policy

I had a rough time finding this info, so I thought I'd pass it along to my readers!!

I've always wondered about Vons' coupon policy, so I finally decided to look it up.  Here's what I found.

Vons/Safeway will double coupons with a value less than $.50.  If your coupon has a value greater than $.50, they will round it up to a dollar.

So I have a $.35 coupon, they double it to $.70.

If I had a coupon that was $.80, they would round it up to be worth $1.00.

The benefit is, you never have to wait for a special "double-coupon-day."  You may not get as great of deals without the doubling, but over time you save more regardless.

There is way more information out there about all of Vons/Safeway's policies, but Spring Bargains has all of that information if you're curious.

Great Kraft Mac & Cheese Deal!!!!

If you shop at Vons, wait 'til you hear this!  I imagine moms will love this one!
This Saturday and Sunday only at Vons there is a massive sale on macaroni and cheese.  You can print a coupon too for $1/5.

Here's the break down:

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - $1.09
Sale price - 2 for $1, limit 4
Price wyb 5 - $2.00 for the four covered by the sale, $1.09 for the fifth so $3.09
With coupon - $2.09 or $.40 a box

Requesting Coupons

I recently heard from Frugal Mommas that you can e-mail companies and ask for coupons and samples, and they'll send them to you!

That's amazing!  I have researched this topic, and found that companies enjoy getting feedback, and feel complimented when you ask for coupons, etcetera.

Well, I felt really awkward trying to ask for coupons because I felt so cheap!  I researched a little more to find out just how to go about asking for this.

Basically, I found this post that made it seem so easy.

So voila!  And I will be e-mailing companies to ask for coupons.  I'll keep a running list updated of those companies I e-mail, so check back often to see what they send me and who I e-mail next!

Here's the list so far: - will send coupons! - doesn't send out coupons or samples (P&G/Cheer) doesn't send out coupons or samples - told me they would send $20 worth of coupons!!  Can't wait!

Coupon Mom - Book and Video

Coupon Mom is amazing.  I'd say she has a gift for shopping!
You can watch her video here to see her pay less than $2 for $115 dollar grocery bill.
She also has a new book out, so go here to get all the info!

Quaker's True Delight - $1 Coupon

I was hesitant to print this coupon because I have a feeling that this product won't ever be on a sale low enough that I'd be willing to pay for, however, if it looks good to you, feel free to print it!!  I'll probably print it off just in case Cutie Husband and I decide that this is our splurge item of the week!

Thanks, Moms By Heart

Free Sample of South Beach Living Smores Bars

I'm not really a person who diets, other than just regulating what I eat and trying to cook healthy foods for my family, but these are free, and who knows, they might be good!

Just beware, I have heard that some people are getting a message that says they are no longer available.  Spend the time of your own discretion.
I was able to put my request through, so it may be hit and miss.  I have a feeling that whether you are willing to provide feedback affects whether they will send it to you, just a hint.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Vaseline Sheer Infusion - $1.50 Coupon

Vaseline has a coupon right now for $1.50 off coupon.
Click here and scroll down to click where it says "Get Special Savings."

I'm saving mine for when a good deal rolls around, but if it's something you need or just want to see if you can get it cheap, I'd print it!
It doesn't expire 'til 4/24

Two FREE Gillette Body Wash - Target

This week at Target, All Over Clean Body Wash and Hydration + Body Wash 8.4 oz cost $1.99 at Target right now.  There was a $4/2 coupon in the coupons from 2/21, so you'll get not one but two body washes for free!

Hooked on Phonics - Up to 75% Off

Now normally I don't post things for children because those deals don't pertain to me (no kids yet!), but I used Hooked on Phonics when I was a child, and I am a huge proponent of this program!  I remember sitting in my sister's bedroom with my mom and sister every night and doing a little more.  It was actually fun, and I appreciate what I learned from it.  So on that note, here are some of the deals:

Hooked on Phonics Learn To Read (2006 Version)
Normally $199.95 - On sale for $79.95

Hooked on Kindergarten
Normally $199.95 - On sale for $79.95

Learn to Read-Kindergarten (2005 Version)
Normally $64.95 - On sale for $14.95

The overstock area is said to have some great deals.

Thanks, Saving and Giving!

Target - Kraft Cheese for $.50

Right now at Target, you can use your Kraft $1/2 from the 1/24 Smart Source coupon paired with this printable coupon from for $1 off.  Voila, your cheese costs $.50 each.

As a big fan of homemade macaroni and cheese, this is a deal I'm looking into... as long as I can get to Target before the deal ends!

All You Magazine

All You is a magazine geared toward women with budgets on the brain.  It includes health and beauty tips that won't break the bank, recipes that don't include $50 worth of ingredients, and high value coupons (I'm pretty sure we all love that one!).

I've been hearing a lot about this magazine ever since I started couponing, and you can now get 2 free trial issues, so I figured what the heck!
If you're a skeptic, I'll tell you how I like it once I've received my first issue.  If not, hurry and sign up for your free issues!  I have a feeling I will love this magazine.

My only hope is that it saves me more money than it costs.  If it does that, it's like a little booklet of gold in my mailbox once a month.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Target Deals

Here are some amazing deals at Target this week
For the full list check out the blog of Stretching A Buck

Scotch Fur Fighter (pet hair pick up tool w/refill) – $3.99/ea
Use $4/1 here
Final Price = FREE
Satin Care Shave Gel (travel size) – $0.97/ea
Use $0.55/1 or $1/1 in 2/7 P&G insert
Final Price = FREE or $0.42/ea
Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit to Go – $0.97-0.99/ea
Use $1/1 in 1/3 Red Plum insert (exp 3/31)
Final Price = FREE
Band-aids (8-10 ct travel size, Hello Kitty & others) – $0.97/ea
Use $1/1 in 1/3 Red Plum insert (exp 3/31)
Final Price = FREE
Johnson’s Buddies Soap – $0.97-0.99/ea
Use $1/1 Johnson’s Baby in 1/3 Red plum insert (exp 3/31)
Final Price = FREE
All Laundry Detergent (travel size) – $1/ea
Use $1/1 when you sign up here
Final Price = FREE

Reach Dental Floss (unsure of size – assuming travel) – $0.97-1.12/ea
Use $1/1 in 10/18 Red Plum insert (exp 6/30/10)
Final Price = FREE – $0.12/ea

I'll be honest, sometimes my newspaper isn't on top of things, and adds get left out.  Unfortunately, this was one of them, so if you have these coupons, go crazy and have fun!  
Even if it's just an excuse to go to Target with a friend or your kids, you'll walk out of there for free with a bunch of neat, functional merchandise!

Thanks, Good Deal Mama

Taco Bell Coupon

Print the coupon from Taco Bell here to receive a free fresco taco.

Coupon is valid up to 7 days after printing.

Thanks, Money Saving Madness

Free Yard Sign

Design your own FREE yard sign here 

Shipping included

Thanks, Savvy Spending

Walgreens Free 8x10 - February 25

On February 25 you can receive a free 8x10 photo when you bring in this printable coupon.
 Thank you, Savvy Spending

Carefree Sample & Coupon

Right now you can request a sample of Carefree Ultra Protection Liners and a $1.00 off coupon.

Carefree Sample & Coupon

Make sure you click to select both boxes

Kellogg's Offer - EXPIRED

You'll need to register to receive
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Thanks, STL Mommy - 80% off has a great deal going right now, 80% off their gift cards to select restaurants.  I've heard there's a catch though: if you buy a $25 gift card, you have to buy at least $35 worth of food.  

Not a bad deal, I suppose, just make sure you realize that before you head out for a free meal...

You can buy $25 gift cards for only $2 right now, head on over and check the restaurants in your area to see if there are any worth your while!

Use the coupon code SAVOR at the checkout.  I went and verified that the code DOES work!

Thanks, Coupon Geek

Method Laundry Detergent Coupon

Apparently this one is going fast!  Rush to print your coupon!

Thanks, Coupon Geek

Monday, February 22, 2010

Olay Sample

Make sure you head over to to check out any freebies you've missed!
There's a new sample up today:
Olay Total Effects Body Wash Sample
23 - 4-6 wks

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jack in the Box - Free Grilled Sandwich

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010 you can go to Jack in the Box, buy a large drink, and receive any grilled sandwich free!

I know that what I'm "sending" Cutie Husband with to work that day!  What a great deal!
For exact details, click HERE.